Korando Education Center Selected as Site of New Library

KIWIMBI INTERNATIONAL, A non-profit organization dedicated to “partnering with under-served communities to create educational opportunities”, recently chose Korando Education Center to house their latest library donation of over 2500 books. As they celebrated this momentous occasion, Korando joyfully hosted for the first time both the Governor and First Lady of Kisumu, as well as the head of the Department of Education. […]

Korando Enjoys a Bountiful Harvest

All schools in Kenya were closed for two weeks following the recent presidential election. At that time, 45 of the children with no safe place to go were taken to the Center’s farm. The timing could not have been better as the corn was ripe for harvest. Working long hours daily, the children were able to harvest and shuck the […]

Meet Benson Abila: A Korando Grad Giving Back

Benson “Ben” Abila is the grandson of Mama Dolfine, and an emerging community leader in his hometown of Kisumu. Though he began his education at public school, Ben later moved to the Center and graduated from Korando. After attending university in Nairobi and obtaining a degree in Civil Engineering, he has felt his calling back with the vulnerable populations of […]

School Building Completion Project Underway

In early 2020, Ripple Effect Project successfully completed Phase 1 of our new building construction, resulting in a two-story building that offered Korando Education Center 6 brand new classrooms. As a direct result of your donations, this new building marked a huge milestone—and a major improvement from the previous structure which was flagged for not meeting national educational and health […]

Graduate Profile: Francis Deya Aila

Ripples Make Waves: A Life Changed by Your Support Meet Francis Deya Aila Francis Deya Aila, 22, graduated in 2017 after spending just one year connected with the Center. “Mama Dolfine found me at the last minute of my education,” Francis writes, “because my parents were not able to pay the school fees or cater to my school needs.” The […]

Korando navigates educational changes, drought, inflation

Our friends at the Korando Education Center are in transition as students finish up their last few weeks at school and head into their long school break. While this allows for some children to spend time at home with their families, the government is permitting around 30 children to remain living at the center while on school break. When break […]

Denis Ochieng, Grade 4/5 teacher, details curriculum challenges

Editor’s Note: As previously noted, Kenya is currently implementing a new education curriculum nationally. Whereas the previous curriculum emphasized content, the new “Competence Based Curriculum” emphasizes hands-on skills. With the goal of building these practical skills, the CBC curriculum places a heavy emphasis on digital learning and uses brand new materials. New printed materials and electronic devices are now essential […]

Child Sponsorship: A Closer Look

When Ripple Effect Project began supporting the Korando Education Center in 2007, only a handful of children lived with Mama Dolfine, and the total student population was 27.  But before long Mama’s integrity and commitment became well known in Kisumu, and as her reputation grew the KEC expanded accordingly. Countless students found a refuge, a lifeline, and an education through […]

2021 at the Korando Center

2021 has proven to be another eventful year for our friends at Korando Education Center. While in the shadow of uncertainties caused by COVID-19, Kenyan education changes and food supply uncertainties, those at Korando Education Center have continued to thrive. Dolfine currently has 87 children living at the Center and 213 children being educated at the school. Although Ripple Effect […]

Students smiling despite pandemic, flooding

Editor’s Note: The situation on the ground in Kisumu is changing daily, with talk of another lockdown looming. The information contained herein is current as of June 9, 2021, unless otherwise noted, though things may have changed when you read this. It was with great joy that in early May the students of the Korando Education Center were able to […]