Dolfine’s Story

Dolfine Gumba Dawa Oliech, known as “Momma Dolfine” by the children of Korando Faith Widows and Orphans Group (KFWOG), was born October 20, 1953 in Kisumu Kenya and attended Ichuni Girls High School. After graduating high school she attended Siriba Teachers College in Maseno, Kenya. Dolfine served as a teacher at Mayieka Primary School for 21 years. Dolfine lost both of her sons – one to AIDS and the other to post-surgical complications while teaching at Mayieka School. Disheartened by the steady outflow of students from her classroom when their parents died of HIV/AIDS, coupled with her personal losses, Dolfine felt the need to do something more.

Dolfine felt compelled to provide a home for a few of the many children who had been orphaned in her community. She and her husband Patrick opened KFWOG in 1997. On May 1, 2001 Dolfine retired early from teaching at the Mayieka Primary School to focus her energy on KFWOG. In 2003 Dolfine and Patrick opened Medomo School on the KFWOG grounds. Patrick is the headmaster.

Dolfine and Patrick opened their home to 27 orphans, primarily girls. Many of these orphans would have been subject to forced marriages or lives of prostitution on the shores of Lake Victoria without Dolfine and KFWOG. In Kenya a female orphan is almost always at risk of sexual abuse and exploitation.

Dolfine is a strong advocate for the rights of women in her tribe; she has fought to educate the population about HIV/AIDS and actively promotes premarital HIV screening. Her strength, courage and ability to make positive change in her community inspires all of us at Ripple Effect Project.