We provided the funds to power the school and orphanage with electricity.

Thanks to your contributions, the students have access to clean water.

We’ve helped provide farm equipment such as irrigation systems, oxen, animal pens and vehicle support to help the Education Center become more self-sustainable.

Your donations funded the construction of a boy’s dormitory. This residence facility houses 24 boys while providing them with two bathrooms and a shower. 

With the goal of self-sustainability in mind, our donors provided the funds for chickens. Dolfine raises and sells the chickens. She also teaches the children how to care for and raise animals.

Ripple Effect Project ensures continual support for students’ education after KEC by financing students’ secondary education.

The girls’ and boys’ dormitories have been completely equipped with new bedding: bunks, bed frames, mattresses, sheets, and blankets for 38 students residing at the Korando Center.

We also provided and continue to provide funds for medical aid, school latrines, emergency food and dining facilities. Thank you for all of your contributions to help us accomplish so much!