Medoma School

A school was created on the grounds of KFWOG in 2003 and accredited by the Kisumu Education Office. Though Kenyan law mandates a free primary education to all, schools require students to purchase uniforms, books, and book bag. The cost of these items precludes most orphans from even a primary education. KFWOG has no such requirement. It currently enrolls 230 students, including the 27 residents of the orphanage.

KFWOG teacher’s salaries come from well wishers in the local community and from the sale of crafts at local markets and abroad. Long time friend of KFWOG, Grace Von Tobel is a contributor. None of these salaries are paid by the Kenyan school system. When funds are not available the teachers go without pay.

In addition to the primary school, KFWOG currently has 32 students in high school; 15 attend public school with fees paid by KFWOG; and another 17 are given instruction at the school itself.

Since the founding of the school in 2003, 9 students have graduated high school. At this time 3 graduates are in post-secondary schools. One is attending medical school, one is at the National Polytechnic and one is in teacher’s college. Six are waiting for money to attend college and are teaching at the KFWOG school.