Korando navigates educational changes, drought, inflation

Korando navigates educational changes, drought, inflation

Our friends at the Korando Education Center are in transition as students finish up their last few weeks at school and head into their long school break. While this allows for some children to spend time at home with their families, the government is permitting around 30 children to remain living at the center while on school break. When break ends in April, students in preschool through 8th grade will be returning to the Center for their next curricular year. The Center continues to adapt its educational program to comply with the new Competency Based Curriculum adopted nationwide.

Severe drought conditions persist in the area and inflation rates continue to rise, increasing the cost of living dramatically. Sugar, oil and rice have doubled in price over the past months, but thankfully, maize has not increased in price as much. This cost increase has made it very challenging for our friends at the Center and the surrounding communities. While locally grown food is more challenging to procure, the Center is still able to source food from Uganda. 

General Kenyan elections will be coming up on August 9. Following the violence of the last election cycle, many Kenyans made known their desire for peace and stability. While several politicians have assured the public that this election will be different, each election brings the possibility of social discord. If violence does erupt, scheduled exams will be postponed and students and staff will take refuge at the farm. 

Dolfine experienced her usual seasonal illnesses but she is currently on the mend and feeling much better. While there have been no cases of Covid at the Center, there are currently several children with malaria. 

While many of the students have been sponsored by the Child Sponsorship Program, there are still quite a few children that would love a sponsor. If you feel so inclined, please find more information on our website.