Denis Ochieng, Grade 4/5 teacher, details curriculum challenges

Denis Ochieng, Grade 4/5 teacher, details curriculum challenges

Editor’s Note: As previously noted, Kenya is currently implementing a new education curriculum nationally. Whereas the previous curriculum emphasized content, the new “Competence Based Curriculum” emphasizes hands-on skills. With the goal of building these practical skills, the CBC curriculum places a heavy emphasis on digital learning and uses brand new materials. New printed materials and electronic devices are now essential for all subjects—and both acquiring and using this technology is a challenge for students, teachers, and families alike. Below, a current Korando teacher gives his perspective on the changes.

Hi! My name is Mr. Denis Ochieng, teaching Grade 4 and 5 Agriculture and English at Madoma Korando Primary School. I hope everyone is doing good. We too, the Lord has protected us and we are doing okay. I don’t have much to say but praying to the Almighty Lord to continue protecting us together.

With all the changes in the new curriculum, it has been difficult for teachers to handle the lessons because it requires more learning equipment and materials for covering the lessons. Most of these materials are expensive for the common people in the village. Some of these materials are cameras, smartphone and laptops, all of which are expensive for parents to get. Also, some of the learners are not well-equipped on how to use and handle these materials in the lower grades. Being that the parents do not have a proper knowledge of the new curriculum, therefore it brings conflict between the parents and the teachers and also makes it difficult to cooperate with them. There is also a big challenge in ECDE [Early childhood development education] that is PP1 and PP2 and also Grade 1 which requires books yearly since they cannot be reused by others who are enrolled in those classes thereafter.

It is also proper for teachers to go back for further training because of some newly cooperated subjects and their methods of approach during lessons which are not well-understood by the teachers. This is because teachers were only trained on the outgoing curriculum and not the new curriculum.Therefore further training will help teachers have proper knowledge for handling the lessons in the school. We hope that as time goes by this new program will take shape to help the pupils in the future.

Thank you all for your support and prayers to the School and may the Almighty Lord protect us all and continue being together.

Your sincerely,