Letter from Dolfine about the Pandemic

Letter from Dolfine about the Pandemic

Dolfine Korando Faith Foundation
P.O. Box 1608/40100

21st May 2021


Hello to you all,

On behalf of Dolfine Korando Faith Foundation, I wish to bring to your attention the above state in Kisumu County.  The daily COVID test results have gone to 150 people per day going beyond Nairobi, Mombasa and Kericho combined. This has come to a worrying state for the country as a whole and the country is considering a total lockdown for Kisumu, which may come soon on about one or two weeks. Further to this, there was detected the Indian strain in five Indians some three weeks ago. This is posing more danger and worries. 

As an organization, dealing with children and feeding, we are in a confused state of how we will be feeding the children during the lockdown. We are therefore laying our kind request to you to come in and assist us with having our good stock for food for the next two or three months. This would enable us to manage with the children who would stay around at the Centre, or who may be going to the farm if an order is also issued for such Centres to send children home. We also request for some emergency fund for just in case we are fallen with such an emergency to be attended to.  We are however hoping for the best and are having faith that the county would get to stabilize without seeing such bad scenarios as witnessed in India. Currently, all the covid isolation and care units are full with one bed shared by two people and also with lack of enough oxygen. 

We are majorly requesting for your continued prayers for the children and the country as a whole so that God would bring His divine protection over us.

We remain thankful and forever grateful to you for your continued support and prayers that has seen God working miracles in our lives. 

May God richly bless you.

Yours Sincerely,

Dolfine Dawa