2021 at the Korando Center

2021 has proven to be another eventful year for our friends at Korando Education Center. While in the shadow of uncertainties caused by COVID-19, Kenyan education changes and food supply uncertainties, those at Korando Education Center have continued to thrive. Dolfine currently has 87 children living at the Center and 213 children being educated at the school. Although Ripple Effect […]

Students smiling despite pandemic, flooding

Editor’s Note: The situation on the ground in Kisumu is changing daily, with talk of another lockdown looming. The information contained herein is current as of June 9, 2021, unless otherwise noted, though things may have changed when you read this. It was with great joy that in early May the students of the Korando Education Center were able to […]

Letter from Dolfine about the Pandemic

On behalf of Dolfine Korando Faith Foundation, I wish to bring to your attention the above state in Kisumu County. The daily COVID test results have gone to 150 people per day going beyond Nairobi, Mombasa and Kericho combined. This has come to a worrying state for the country as a whole and the country is considering a total lockdown for Kisumu, which may come soon on about one or two weeks. Further to this, there was detected the Indian strain in five Indians some three weeks ago. This is posing more danger and worries.

Korando Center Reopens

On January 4, 2021, the joy was palpable as schools in Kenya reopened for grades Pre-K through 8 for the first time since last March. The Korando Education Center once again is able to function as a full-time orphanage and education facility, and all classes are back in session. Due to the closures from last year, all Kenyan students will […]

Dolfine discusses the impact of COVID-19

In September, we asked Mama Dolfine to share with us the circumstances and challenges the Korando Education Center community has been facing. Note that this interview has been edited for clarity and length. What changes do you need to make because of COVID-19? The government is providing masks for the children in public schools, but since this isn’t a government […]