Fall Fundraiser Recap

As summer slipped into fall, it became increasingly apparent that complications inherent to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic would prevent the seventh annual Bowling Fundraiser from taking place. Understanding that Ripple Effect Project has come to anticipate the fundraiser’s proceeds in the annual budget, volunteer Donna Klein was challenged to come up with a different kind of fundraiser.

Drawing on her previous fundraising experiences from her children’s sports team days, Donna solicited donations and organized a calendar raffle for December 2020. Sponsors of bowling lanes from previous years’ fundraisers were invited to contribute to this new project, and scores of individuals participated in the raffle by purchasing tickets. While Donna initially feared economic anxiety at home would limit donors’ abilities to give, it quickly became clear that this fundraiser would match—and ultimately exceed—proceeds from previous years’ bowling fundraisers.

We are grateful to Donna for conceiving, organizing and executing this unique fundraiser. Additionally, our gratitude goes to Ryan Garbe, David Scaduto and Josh Van for keeping our web-based technology functioning when challenges arose. 

In addition to a number of anonymous donors, we would like to thank the following Waterville-area businesses and proprietors for generously donating their goods and services:

Abigail Lopez, Accupuncture

Anna Olsen, Yoga Instructor


Eliana Hall, Personal Trainer

Hands with Heart

Janice Nagel, Massage Therapy

Kennebec Energy

Klein Brickery

Lewis Jones, Hair Studio One

Loveline Baskets

TNT Dance Studio

Waterville YMCA