Changes to the Board of Directors

Thanking Donna Klein

Donna Klein

We would like to extend a hearty thank you to Donna Klein for her year of service to Ripple Effect Project as treasurer. Donna was instrumental in modernizing our financial infrastructure, maintaining the accounting for the Organization and interfacing several times monthly with the Korando Education Center to fulfill our commitment of financial support. “For years I have supported Ripple Effect Project and the Korando Education Center by running fundraisers,” Donna says. “I am honored to have had the opportunity to support them in a different capacity. They will always be near and dear to my heart.”

Donna is stepping down to focus on family obligations. We at Ripple Effect Project are sorry to see her depart and wish her and her family well.

Welcoming Roland Garbe

Roland Garbe

We are pleased to welcome Roland Garbe into the position of treasurer. Roland comes to Ripple Effect Project with a background in math and technology and is a high school math teacher. During this time of transition, Roland will receive the support of former treasurers Donna and Ryan. Welcome to the team!

Welcoming Levana Olsen

Levana Olsen

We are delighted to welcome Levana Olsen to the position of Secretary of the Board of Directors. Levana began volunteering with Ripple Effect Project in 2012. She has several years of experience working in higher education, as well as with various non-profit organizations. She is also a member of our Communications Committee. Levana has visited the Korando Education Center twice, and has witnessed their operations grow and expand over the last ten years. She counts her experiences meeting the students as a highlight of her involvement with Ripple Effect Project.