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Letter from Dolfine

Dear Friends of Ripple Effect Project,

Words can never be enough to express my gratitude to you
for the great help you accorded me and Korando as a whole.
You may never believe the greatest relief I got to receive the
money and finally pay the bill that was weighing us down
terribly and to be able to bury my husband finally.

If the United States were closer, I would have done what
they do in my culture for one who has helped so big that
you cannot afford equivalence. This person is given chicken,
which is a very respected kind of gift and food. It carries with
it much appreciation from the giver.

The children are grateful. My daughters are also very grateful
to you all at Ripple Effect

Project. May God richly bless
you. Our schools opened on 1 September and we feel the
loss of our teacher Patrick, my husband.


Otherwise, I am full with thanks to you and pray for your

Love and hugs,