Sophie Akinyi Oyoo

Sophie lives with the mother in the village where she goes to school after class eight and passing well.  She is a polite, intelligent and hardworking girl who tops the class in performance.  The mother having so many children having being married as a second wife after the first one died, found the man with many children apart from her own which is five in number.  They are two boys and three girls. She now has more than ten children which is a challenge in feeding and the husband does casual work as a mechanic which gives low income to keep the family.  They have a house of mud wall and tinned roof and sleeps on a mattress on a bed.

At home, they eat main staple food which is  kales and ugali which is made from cornmeal mainly and occasionally small fish called omena as protein and sometimes cabbages and rice.

She helps her mother with cooking, fetching firewood, washing dishes, clothes and their house.

My Languages: Speaks English, Kiswahili and Luo My Hobbies: Singing , dancing, playing volleyball and debating.
My School:  In form one at Kajulu secondary school My Home: She comes from Seme near a legendry rock which is a tourist attraction point called Kit Mikayi Rock.  The area is rocky and hilly and also very dry. It is also near the lake.
My Birth Date: Born on 14th May 2002 My Goal:  Journalist