Sharon Akinyi Okumu

  Sharon lives with her auntie who is taking care of them after both their parents died.  The auntie who has no child of her own later lost her husband who was the provider of the home.  Stranded with the children, she sought and so korando supports Sharon with education.  She sells vegetables to ensure the children are able to feed. They live in a mud wall with tinned roof and has a mattress to sleep on the floor. This is a family of three children, one boy and two girls.

At home, they eat kales and ugali, omena, beans and maize cooked together called nyoyo with occasional breakfast of black tea.

She helps with cooking, washing clothes and utensils, fetching firewood and water from the lake.

My Languages: Speaks English, Kiswahili and Luo My Hobbies: Singing, drama and plays football.
My School: In form one at Kajulu secondary school My Home: She comes from within Kisumu county a place called Osiri next to lake Victoria.  There is fishing going on here and many leave school for fishing business.  The auntie’s home is also next to the lake.
My Birth Date: Born on 2nd August 2000 My Goal: Doctor