September Newsletter

September 1, 2017

Dear Friends of Ripple Effect Project,

As we near the end of summer and the changing of seasons, please remember the children of the Korando Education Center (KEC) and continue to support the efforts of Ripple Effect Project (REP).

For nearly a year Ripple Effect Project has had a Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) to connect the students at Korando Education Center to the donors that make up Ripple Effect Project. Many of you have participated in this program to help make it the success it has become. However, there are still many students who need sponsors. Please consider signing up for the program or sponsoring an additional student. For more information and registration visit

The impact of the Child Sponsorship Program on the students is real and much greater than just financial. The knowledge that someone cares for them is often the greatest gift they can receive. The CSP helps provide the students with a meal in the morning, as well as covering school fees and teacher’s salaries. There have also been celebrations for holidays and special events. While Ripple Effect Project has historically focused on infrastructure improvements at Korando Education Center, the CSP has allowed us to have a more direct personal impact on the students.

In May, a group of volunteers and friends went to the Korando Education Center to be with the children of the center and learn first-hand about their lives. While at the center the volunteers were also able to complete many infrastructure projects. Some of these projects include: rain gutters on the buildings to divert the water to cisterns for storage and use, plumbing upgrades and repairs, some much needed shelving for storage and organization both in the dormitories and classrooms. It was great to witness the interactions the group had with the children.

On August 8, Kenya held a contentious presidential election. As some of you may remember, the 2007 presidential elections resulted in disputed results and rioting that led to nearly 2,000 deaths nationwide. Thankfully this election cycle, though resulting in contested results, did not end in rioting. The results have been annulled by the courts and a new election has been declared to take place on October 17.  We hope for a peaceful result regardless of the victor.

In anticipation of potential rioting and food scarcity, Ripple Effect Project provided the Korando Education Center funds for one month’s supply of food for the 58 children that live at the center. Arrangements were also made to house these children at the KEC farm, which is in a rural region, two hours away from the school. In addition, REP provided food assistance to the 190 commuter students to help them get through the election period.

During this time, some of the children at the farm decided, along with Dolfine, to skip a meal, sometimes two, and share that food with neighbors who were struggling to feed themselves. This is an amazing example of how Dolfine’s positive impact has spread beyond KEC and into the surrounding community. With Dolfine’s responsible stewardship and REP’s continued support, KEC is positively impacting the local community, along with bringing up a group of children that will continue to have a positive impact into the future.

We are very excited to have made great progress with the school building project. The process has been long and arduous but we are very near to starting construction on the first phase. We are under contract with a local builder, have a project manager, design team, and on-site supervision in place. The last piece we are waiting on is final approval from the local authorities. We hope to be underway soon and will share with you the progress as it happens.  If you would like to contribute specifically to the school building project, please make note of that when you make your contribution.

Please join us at our next bowling fundraiser in October (see enclosed flyer).

As always, all donations are tax deductible and have maximum impact. Please mail checks or donate conveniently, by credit card through our website. Also, find and use us on Amazon Smile.


Joshua Sammon

President, Ripple Effect Project