Korando School Building Update, September 2018

School Construction Project

School Construction Project




As noted in our previous report, continued progress has been made in achieving the permissions and paperwork to begin the construction of the school building. On Friday, September 7th, the site handover took place! This means the contractor has taken over the property and is bringing in his equipment and materials with construction scheduled to commence by September 21st!

The cost of the 12-room school building is expected to be $300,000 USD and is planned for two phases. This first phase is a six-room building which is expected to be completed by late February 2019. We have currently raised approximately $100,000 for Phase 1 and are pursuing the additional $50,000 needed to complete the work. Once the initial $150,000 funding is secured we will begin the fundraising (another $150,000) for Phase 2 of the project which is the additional 6 rooms. Now is a great time to donate to the Ripple Effect Project with your contribution earmarked “School Construction Project” or further any previous donations made! Contact Vin with any questions (vin [at] rippleeffectproject [dot] org).