Letter from Mama Dolfine

I am Mama Dolfine and I wish to start by appreciating very much the help and support that we have received from Ripple Effect Project as Korando family. A lot of things have changed for the children and entire Korando even as a village because of the children who have been able to access education and many other things.

We want appreciate so much the health care insurance that was started by Ripple Effect Project, that even though now sponsored by another individual and is doing well and the children’s health is improved, we still owe it to Ripple Effect Project in as the most difficult thing is always to start the journey which you boldly started.

Students receiving porridge through the daily porridge program, established and sponsored by Ripple Effect Project.

The porridge programme for the school children is also moving on perfectly well. The children are so happy with this that they can’t afford to miss it even for one day. One major advantage is that it has acted as a way of motivating the children to come to school regularly.


Despite these challenges, we are trying to do the much we can in saving the crops from army worm by spraying them and also the best and major thing we still have as our hope is trust in God which can change everything even though we hear the rains are yet to go on until end of May.

Heavy rains and insect infestations have decimated many of the crops grown at the farm, including maize, above.

The process of sending in money to us has made work process easier than before as we are always sure of what we plan to do, in other words we are able to budget and plan ahead of time which has been made easy by Ripple Effect Project.

The new school building which is in process is a gift so big to imagine or express in words. We are so thankful and eagerly waiting for the commencement which we hope may start by this month or next month if late.

We got the tragedy of the car accident and thank God very much who spared the lives of everyone who was involved in this accident as no one died. Our children came out so sound and well and we thank God very much for it. We are also grateful that some friends of Better Me have fundraised to have the car repaired. May God bless them too.

As you can see, am so overwhelmed with happiness that I can write until tomorrow. I am therefore sincerely thanking all our American friends for their support and inclusion as part of their families that they spare and share with us their family budget just so that we would also have our children go to school and also eat and dress and be happy. We are sincerely happy. Our happiness as Korando family has grown bigger and more so the lesson of putting our trust only in God is so nourishing to us.

One big question I was unable to answer to the children is that “Mama, why didn’t our friends visit this time?” They were looking forward to spending time with you this May too. We have all missed you and are all sad. But we trust that next time we are able to meet.

Thank you so much and God bless you all!