Letter from Dolfine & Pamela

Dear Friends in Ripple Effect Project,

It is from our sincere hearts that we take this precious opportunity to greatly thank you and of course with what words may never be able to explain well, for the great love we were able to experience while living amongst you for a whole month. Indeed, this trip was an eye opener to us on so many things that overlap real outside the project. This makes us consider this to be a very, very successful trip and visit on our side.

Among many things we may want to appreciate first of all is the great hospitality at every home we visited. You let us into your families and your family tables and made us visit with your extended family friendships that also let us into their families and family tables. We sincerely consider this a great honour to us. We never can explain love in better terms than to directly mention this as shown to us in a letter like this one. Much of these times were considered by us very sacred and special family moments. Thank you very much.

Our warmth and comfort was every person’s concern. Thank you for having people donate their clothes for us to use to keep us well dressed and warm. You were always ready to let us see everything we wanted to that we felt would create a good impact or change in us when back in Kenya.

We are full of ideas to be released for change in this Korando community. We plan to go very far with farming ideas that we were able to acquire in this trip. Great changes including that of a mindset are expected to come to reality soon.

Every talk we were able to give everywhere and the listening ears we got was amazing to us. We may never say enough thanks, but we believe that you will accept this as we give since it is most sincere from our hearts.

Special thanks to our lady host Alice for the job well done just to make sure these guests from a far land returned home happily.

The donations were so overwhelming that we weren’t able to carry all home. Lots of clothes, farm equipment, 12 laptops, packing time spent, all we appreciate. May God bless abundantly all pockets, families and individuals who were able to touch our lives in a special way. Be assured of our continuous prayers for your success and good health in your families and life plans.

Our trip back home was God planned for the time we left because otherwise we would have had a hard time getting re-routed to the right plane home. Though the journey was too long but by God’s grace, all went well and we are happy to meet the children and they were happy to receive us back and they too said thank you to REP.

May God bless you.

Love and hugs,

Mama Dolfine & Pamela

Dolfine and Pamela enjoy their visit to Maine in autumn.

Dolfine and Pamela enjoy their visit to Maine in autumn.