Urgent Update on Tensions in Kenya

Dear Friends and Supporters of Ripple Effect Project,

The past several months have been a time of great political unrest in Kenya. If you have been listening to the news you will be aware of the increasing surge of violence. Kisumu, where the Korando Center is located is one of the major centers of protest/violence. Below are the last two updates from our friend in Kenya.

October 16, 2017 — Update from Dolfine. She has just returned from the farm. The watermelon harvest was very successful, over 1,300 watermelons! She was planning on selling them but all markets/businesses in Kisumu have been shut down, and as a result they will not be able to be sold. They will have alot of watermelon to share with others and eat but no cash harvest.

The political tensions are becoming hotter every day. Daily demonstrations are taking place in Kisumu. The police/military are ordered to shoot to kill. Each day there are several deaths, no one connected to the Center. Dolfine reported having to take off her shoes and run as three people near her were shot. Odinga has vowed not to run in the election on Oct 26, Both lead candidates seem to be fueling the violence. They are fearful for their safety and have asked for continued prayer.

In the midst of all this the students at the Center are preparing for their year-end exams.

October 18, 2017 — From Pamela:

I am okay.

Basically we are headed for an ugly Kenya after IEBC decided to now include the names of other previous candidates because Raila withdrew, but have also decided to retain his name in the ballot paper by force. Uhuru has been given the new laws from Parliament and in two days will sign it into law without a referendum. It is likely that there will be no voting in opposition areas but violence. Today it was even heightened after the minister announced the ban on demostrations. Next week, it’s daily, morning to evening. Today, two people were shot dead by police in Bondo, the small town near the our farm. Things may turn uglier than 2008 with changes in the constitution. We dearly need prayers. We are in God’s hands. We will get to the end of this finally.