Godfrey Ochieng Deya

  Godfrey lives with a step mother whom the father married after the death of his mother.  He was living with the grandmother together with his siblings since the father is addicted to alcohol and cannot even bring food home.  The family decided he finds a wife who is also just going through problems.  Godfrey has one brother and the other one died with two sisters.  The father is carpenter who does peoples roofs yet was not even able to do his and also frequently cannot even go on top of the roof to do any roof.

They live in a mud wall with tinned roof and sleep on a matt on the floor.

At home, they eat kales and ugali, and sometimes omena (small silver fish)

He helps take care of the animals after school, weekends he goes to the garden and do small errands.

My Languages: Speaks English, Kiswahili and Luo My Hobbies: Reading story books and plays football.
My School: In form four one at Kajulu secondary school My Home: He comes from Seme sub county within Kisumu County.  The place is near a legendry rock which is a tourist attraction point called Kit Mikayi Rock.  The area is rocky and hilly and also very dry. It is also near the lake and they draw water from the lake which these days is very dirty and therefore people suffer from lots of stomach problems.
My Birth Date: Born on 8th August 2001 My Goal: Lawyer