2017 Annual Report

We know that it is important to understand “where” your contributions are allocated. As we look to enhance our communication, we will annually summarize the expense flow from the previous year. The pie chart here reflects Fiscal Year 2017 Expenses.

Ripple Effect Project is a 100% volunteer organization which allows us to maximize every dollar donated for the cause. In 2017, over 94% of all expenses were direct contributions to support the Korando Center:

  • Educational Programs: Expenses related to education programs accounted for 58% of donations, predominantly comprising school fees for those in high school and teacher salaries in the pre-K to grade 8. 
  • Food Support: Accounting for 21% of total expenditures, these funds were used to support the morning meal (porridge program started this year) as well as emergency food supplies during the year. 
  • Infrastructure Support: Infrastructure-related expenses accounted for 6% of disbursements, which include materials used to fix the existing structure, materials needed for water collection of rain water and additions made during a recent volunteer visit to Korando, which include wood shelves built for the teachers and the boys’ dorm. 
  • School Construction: Expenses related to construction of the new school building comprised 5% of expenditures, which includes school building approvals, attorney fees and land use change fees. 
  • Medical Costs accounted for 4% of funds.
  • Organization Administration: Administrative costs, 6% of operating expenses,  are those used to maintain Ripple Effect Project as an organization, include printing, mailing, accounting services,  fundraising and marketing materials, etc.